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Laura Neulat
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Therapy has its various techniques but it is also an encounter between the patient and the therapist. What you really need is a therapist that connects with you. However, it is important to know that your therapist has the right credentials.

My B.A. in Psychology is from the University of Uruguay, and I hold two Master Degrees in Clinical Psychology, one from the Xaveriana University in Colombia and another one from the University of Paris VII. I also hold a Master in Cross-Cultural psychology from Paris X. My Doctoral degree is from Bordeaux 2 University.

My clinical internships in psychiatry were done at Vilarebó Psychiatric Hospital (6 months) in Montevideo, Uruguay, Sibate Hospital (3 months full time) in Sibate, Colombia, and at the Hopital Trousseau (10 months) in Paris.

My therapeutic psychoanalysis was completed with a member of the Paris Society of Psychoanalysis (SPP). But I am not a psychoanalyist. I use the AttachmentTheory as a frame, and have followed a course on Attachment Theory in Clinical Use at the Bowlby Center in London. I believe the therapeutic approach has to address the specific needs of an individual, therefore I propose the approach that I deem best adapts to a given situation. I have followed (and attend regulalry) trainings in the fields of psychotherapy, such as , Mindfulness (UCLA and Paris), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT, at the Anna Freud Center in London), Rational Therapy (National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, USA), Strategic Brief Therapy (with Carina Schlanger in Palo Alto, California), Solution Focused Approach (with In Soo in Singapore), Systemic Couple Therapy (Monceau Center in Paris), Hypnotherapy (La Salpetriere hospital, Paris).

I am a registered psychologist in Paris. I participate in supervision groups with colleagues (peer supervision). In addition to my private practice, I do research in the field of Cross-Cultural Psychology and have been running Cross-Cultural programs for many years in Asia and in Paris.

It is my belief that we all have a social role to play in our culture, and I am an active member of different associations and organizations such as American Psychological Association (APA), Syndicat National de Psychologues (SNP), Société Française de Psychologie (SFP), Counselling in France, and more.

My interest in psychology makes me an avid reader of publications in the fields of psychotherapy, neurosciences, and cross-cultural psychology. I also expand my knowledge through continuing education seminars and classes. Psychology is a vast field and is constantly growing. The advances in the field of emotions, neurpsychology, and therapy, to name a few, are impressive. I want my practice to benefit of it. I keep myself updated by attending conferences, trainings, and reading. I practice TaiChiChuan, Qi Gong and Zazen meditation regulalry.


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