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Therapy involves a commitment of time, energy, and money, it implies dedication and perseverance, so you should be very careful about the therapist you select. The therapeutic alliance between your therapist, a health professional, and you should help you understand your feelings and move forward into a healthier self. Psychotherapy is a process of both of exploration and discovery. It is also a learning process.

Therapists have different approaches and orientations. Some are psychoanalysts, some use the systemic approach, and others use cognitive behavioral therapy, for example. A variety of methods are effective but what you really need is a therapist who will connect with you.

I have been trained in psychoanalysis throughout my university education and beyond. However, I am not a psychoanalyst neither I use a specific analytical oriented method. I use Bowlby's Attachment Theory as a frame trying to adapt my approach to the specific needs of the patient.  

Fifteen years ago, with the fantastic development of neurosciences and when some events in my life brought change, I reconsidered and opened up to many concepts in psychology, namely meditation and the role of emotions.  My mind was ready to work with new approaches and I started doing trainings in orientations that I felt I could be comfortable with and that had shown results.  Some of these are Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Systemics, Mindfulness, Strategic Approach, Solution Focused Therapy, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy, among others.

I reoriented my practice and started implementing a combination of CBT and Mindfulness, basing a great deal of my work on emotion regulation.

However, I do not use a one-fits-all approach but adapt to the specific situation and history of the patient, integrating a set of principles and concepts that I feel are adapted and relevant.

My approach is focused and short. It is aimed at bringing change to your life and is based on your strengths. It is focused more on the future than the past, although I am aware that the patient comes with a history.

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