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Laura Neulat
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«The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a soltion.»
Bertrand Russell

Painful periods in life - that we all go through - can sometimes be difficult to cope with.
We may feel trapped in a zone between our current issues and the potential to liberate us. Depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear, anger, withdrawal, mourning are some of the life situations when the help of a professional can make a difference in the outcome.

When we first meet we will try to clarify and understand the reasons that brought you to my practice. You may have been feeling down for a certain time, or a relationship with a significant other may have been hurting you, or you may be hurting yourself, or feel worthless. You may have been told that you’re hurting others. Work related anxiety is very difficult to cope with, as is criticism that may lead to anger. All these situations may affect your connection with your affective environment, alienating you from your partner, your family, your friends, or your co-workers.

The approach we use will be a function of your specific situation and of your own vision. I allow patients to become more aware of their emotions, and I see them as one individual in a social context (as a system). Bur change can only emerge from inner search and understanding, and from your determination to change.

If we define a project, the first two-three sessions will be used to tackle the problem and set goals that can bring change. The therapy proposal varies from person to person because each individual is different; thus the format, frequency, and number of sessions cannot be pre-defined, but usually the work takes a minimum of 12 sessions. Assessments are made every 5-6 sessions.

Whatever the situation you’re going through is, a short life crisis, or something that has lasted for sometime, the opinion of a professional will help you move on. The therapeutic alliance is a secure space that usually cannot be found with a friend, family, or partner, least a self help book.


«We are never so defenseless against suffering
as when we love.»

S. Freud

There is a compelling truth which is that most human beings seek a love relationship at one point in their lives. In this interaction and common path, problems may arise that do not let the relationship grow or evolve or the relationship is no longer fulfilling. These problems can be centered in the relationship itself (lost of trust, anger towards the partner, depression of one of the partners) or can be caused by a difficult situation the couple is going through which can be caused by a person or outside event (such as illness of a child, retirement of a spouse, work difficulties).

Some couples decide to seek advice from a professional to understand and eventually try to solve together the negative impact these problems are having in their lives as a couple.

The premise of the therapeutic approach I use is that emotion organizes our attachment life, and it works on the couple’s emotions and how they affect the relationship in the now and here in order to facilitate a shift in each one’s position and responsiveness.

Its goals are to bring each spouse from withdrawal to involvement, from recurrent blaming to sensitive understanding, from isolation to a sense of togetherness, from passive helplessness to active securing, helping each partner work on a more secure bond with each other.

It is a time limited therapy approach, and usually is implemented in 10 to 25 sessions. The first session lasts 90 minutes and 70 minutes thereafter. Typically both partners meet for weekly sessions.

The therapeutic alliance is a secure space that usually cannot be found with a friend, family, or partner, least a self help book.

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