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Laura Neulat
Clinical Psychologist- Psychotherapist
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I am available to anyone who wants to change and feel better about themselves. Therapy can be helpful in different life situations, such as:

Low Self-esteem
Grief, loss, bereavement
Relationship difficulties (children, partners etc.)
Cultural adjustment
Cross-cultural issues
Work-related concerns
Couple difficulties
Post-partum mood disorder

Some people can't identify what's wrong; they just know they want to feel better, or they realize they are being harmful to themselves or others. No matter what your concerns are, if you feel you cannot cope with your current life situation, call to get help.

When you call me for the first time, I will ask you some questions and propose (or not) an initial appointment.

The initial consultation lasts for 55 minutes and 90 minutes for couples. It helps me to understand your situation and evaluate what we can do together. I will let you know my impressions and propose or not a therapy. The following sessions will last 45 minutes for patients that I see once a week, 60 minutes for patients I see less regulalry and 90 minutes for couples, and will be scheduled with you. Typically, we will meet weekly.

This initial meeting will be your opportunity to evaluate whether you feel comfortable working and discussing personal issues with me. Good comfort level is one of the keys to good therapeutical work.

Therapy ends when you have learned to better deal with the difficulties in your life that brought you to my office.

Call with a question
or to make an appointment
01 47 43 08 68