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Is psychotherapy right for me?
If you’re experiencing difficulties to cope with your events in your life, you should consider psychotherapy. Some people can't identify what's wrong; they just know they want to feel better, or they realize they are being harmful to themselves or others. No matter what your concerns are, if you feel you cannot cope with your current life situation, call to get help.

How long will therapy take?
It is impossible to state the length in advance, it all depends on your life situation and what brings you to therapy.

What’s the difference between a Clinical Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, and a Psychotherapist?
A psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist are both professionals trained in mental health.
Clinical psychologists in France are professionals who have completed a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology (sometimes called DESS or DEA). Holding a doctorate is not a requisite to practice as a clinical psychologist in this country.
A Psychiatrist is a physician, specialized in psychiatry. Only psychiatrists can deliver prescriptions. As all MD's they can also deliver "feuille de soins" to be sent to the Securite Sociale, the French health scheme.
Recently passed legislation defines the requirements needed to qualify for the use of the title of psychotherapist.

I charge 70€ for a 45 minute session, 90€ for a 60 minute session, and 150€ for a 90 minute session for couples. Payment is due at the end of every session (cash or check), unless it has been agreed otherwise. In individual therapy, I have a sliding scale for SIX international students who pay for their therapy, for psychology students either because they need it or as part of their training, and for some individuals who have very low income.

What if I am late?
Sessions last 45 or 80 and 90 minutes for couples. If you arrive late to a scheduled appointment, it will still end on time and the whole session fee will be due.

Missed appointments and Cancellations?
You are expected to pay for all appointments that have been scheduled. You are expected to provide a 48-hour notice for any cancellation. Any appointment that has not been cancelled within this time frame, is due.

What is the ADELI and SIRET number?
The ADELI number shows the practitioner is a registered Clinical Psychologist. All practitioners in private practice must also have a SIRET number which tells you that they have a legal status in France.

This is a quick summary that may or may not address your own questions. Do not hesitate to contact me at 01 47 43 08 68.

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